Welcome to Forenda Investments Solutions!

Our vision is to create a new financial culture based on trust, advanced solutions and quality services.
We offer our clients the best products and services!


Our vision is to grow our investor’s wealth consistently and exponentially and remain as a respected market leader! We will exceed our client’s expectations of us!


Our mission is to create a new financial culture based on trust, innovation, advanced solutions; understandable products and quality customer service. That also includes transparency with secure access for our clients to their account information.

What we can do for you

Our team can help you create a consistently growing income by using our experience and discipline which we have developed from the year 2006!

How do we do it

We are a transparent and pro-active forex investment company who has proven to our clients that we make use of any market condition, whether it is an economic downturn; economic stability or economic instability to generate the profits required.

Company Profile

Forenda is a trusted and experienced Forex Investment Solutions Company.
We have a responsible and professional investment culture.

Forenda is a trusted and experienced Forex Investment Solutions Company. Since our implementation in 2006, using our years of experience and investment strategy, we have opened the doors to outstanding profits and success to thousands of our clients.

Our main characteristic is our transparency and safety. We have a responsible and professional investment culture and will not deviate from this norm. We are a trustworthy partner who will continue on the same level of professionalism, transparency and success.

We employ world class trading professionals whose unique focus is on creating maximum profit from the forex market.

Our investment solutions are both for private and company investors. For us, success is a satisfied client! And that means satisfying the client from all facets; from customer service to security and profitability.

  • This time, we have 33% clients in Asia

  • This time, we have 35% clients in Europa

  • This time, we have 24% clients in US

  • This time, we have 8% clients in Africa


Trust your financial future to our experts. And here they are!

Mr. Matias Scalres

Money Manager
Mr. Matias has over fifteen years of managerial experience, he is the CEO who started the company since 2006. His field of expertise is in the care and safety management of all forex trading accounts. His brainchild is the established ONE DAY STRATEGY which he perfected.

Mr. Andrew Glaster

Senior Managing Adviser
Mr. Andrew is the head of the consulting division and is also in charge of conceptualising approved innovation. His duty is to ensure that we are always steps ahead of the competition and to create strategy that cannot be competed with.

Mrs. Maria Sucknes

Founder and CEO
Mrs. Maria is one of the founders of World Trade Stock Limited (Forenda), and was responsible for contractual agreements, partnerships and creating contact points between the company and client. By adroitly using media she ensures continuous growth and success of the company.

Mr. Harm Bakker

Co-Owner & Adviser
He studied Investment Management; Actuarials and a host of other skills that leads the company to the success it enjoys today. From 2008, he tested an incredible amount of programs and Expert Advisors for trading. Today as co-owner, he helps and advises in the design and improvement of the ever unfolding business plan and strategy.
Our happy clients.